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Kilimanjaro Gear List

Preparation is the secret to success!


  • x Sleeping bag (Alpkit SkyeHigh 1000, -20°, 1680gm) – kept me real warm but be sure to wear it up properly
  • x Sleeping bag liner (Sea to Summit Silk Liner, Mummy Tapered, 125gm) – comfy
  • x Thermarest (Vaude Venus) – was a real bargain at -50%

Hands & Feet

  • x Hiking boots (Salomon 4D GTX) – great comfy shoes, no blisters at all
  • x Trainers (My Asics gym shoes) – to walk around the campsite
  • x Socks (4 pairs from Bridgedale) – great support but do wear with liners
  • x Sock Liners (6 pairs from Bridgedale) – smell free feet!
  • x Gaiters (OR Verglas W’s, 190gm) – really light and serve its purpose well
  • x Inner fleece gloves
  • x Outer shell gloves (My biking gloves)
  • x Goretex padded gloves (My ski gloves)
  • x Walking poles (We rented it over there) – great help for those long walks and uneven paths

Head & Shoulders

  • x Balaclava – must have for summit night
  • x Buff (My Reddy) – great for the revolting toilet trips for smell cover
  • x Sun hat (Just took a normal cap)
  • x Wool ski hat (From BICS)
  • x Scarf (Use my DesignStockholm scarf)
  • x Pillow (Alpkit Pouch)


  • x Under garments, T-shirts etc (Absolutely no cotton wear!)
  • x Thermal wear (Icebreaker Bodyfit 200, use for sleeping also)
  • x Mid layers (Icebreaker)
  • x Fleece jacket (Icebreaker Igloo Hoody)
  • x Waterproof shell (My biking jacket) – which was not waterproof at all, darn
  • x Hking pants (Columbia, Craghoppers)
  • x Ski suit – and wore everything I had under it for the summit night, still a little cold


  • x Duffel bag (Helly Hanson 90L)
  • x Daypack (Osprey Sirrus 26L) – love it!
  • x Poncho – so cheap and so useful
  • x Compression bags (Use ziplocs)
  • x Plastic bags (for waterproofing, rubbish, wet clothes, toiletries, snacks)


  • _ General toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, facial wash, cream, comb, tweezer, nail clipper, mirror)
  • x Wet wipes (big pieces – bought baby wipes)
  • x No rinse soap and shampoo (e.g. Paper Soap)
  • x She Wee (secret) – need a lot of practice!
  • x Toilet rolls (you know why)
  • x Tissue papers (for blowing snots)
  • x Sunscreen (Factor 60+)
  • x Chapstick (Kiehls)
  • x Plasters/ Duct tapes (for blisters) – didn’t need them at all, phew!
  • x Contact lens (daily disposable)
  • x Spectacles
  • x Anti bacterial gel – very very useful, esp after the revolting toilet trips
  • x Vaseline (to prevent blisters) – didn’t need to use too
  • x Foot powder – for clean happy feet before bedtime
  • x Travel towel
  • _ Washing lines and pegs (for drying wet clothes) – would have been useful


  • x Diamox (Recommended as I had AMS before) – didn’t take at all, yeah!
  • x Immodium/ Lomotil (Which is better?) – Mr Fudge took them
  • x Paracetamol/ Tylenol (not Ibuprofen) – didn’t need them too, secret is go  real slow
  • x Emergen-C (fizzy Vitamin C tablets for taste in water and extra energy) – must for every morning
  • _ Garlic pills
  • x Minyak Kapak
  • x Zam-Buk
  • x Insect repellent

Water & Snacks

  • x Camelback with insulated hose (3L) – useful but remember to stop and drink
  • x Water bottle (Sigg, 1L) – great also as a feet warmer in the night, ask for hot water before bedtime
  • x Thermo Flask – so lovely to stop for tea in the middle of the wilderness and coldness
  • x Water purification tablet – essential
  • _ Drink packets (Kool-Aid, Gatorade)
  • x Tea (Ginger, Ginseng, Mint)
  • x Dried fruits
  • x Peanuts
  • x Sweets
  • x Snickers bars
  • _ Honey Gel (for summit night)
  • x Kiam kiam


  • x Guidebook (Trekking Guide to Africa’s Highest Mountain, Henry Stedman)
  • x iPAD
  • x iPAD solar charger (Power monkey) – caught in bad weather so no sun
  • _ Compact camera (with spare batteries and memory cards)
  • _ Altimeter watch
  • x Petzl Tikka 2 Headtorch with infra red (with spare batteries) – useful for night walk and toilet trips
  • x Sunglasses (for glacier use) – must have
  • x Good earplugs – essential for a good night sleep
  • x Swiss Army
  • x Whistle
  • x Watch?


  • x Passport
  • x Vaccination card
  • _ Insurance documents

Note: Remember to ask for acclimatization walk after arrival at each camp site.

Did I miss anything out?

What goes into my Daypack?

  • Camelback + Water bottle + Thermo Flask
  • Snacks
  • Sunblock + Chapstick
  • Camera
  • Waterproof layers
  • First aid kit
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat

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