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Confinement Menu

As I will probably be alone during the first month (unless baby arrives very late), I will prepare a list of possible meals so that I will not run out of idea of what to eat then. And to look for the recipes beforehand!


  • Cereals with milk
  • Bread and nutella/ peanut butter and jam
  • Quaker oat porridge
  • Roti canai (frozen)


  • Chicken soup and steamed rice
  • Mee suah with sliced ginger, rice wine, chicken, goji berries & black fungus soup
  • Fried mee hoon with black fungus, chicken and sliced ginger
  • Ginger chicken porridge


  • Steamed angelica chicken (recipe)
  • Steamed cod fish with ginger and wolfberries (recipe)
  • Fried fish with wine/ shredded ginger
  • Braised pork knuckle with black vinegar
  • Rice wine chicken
  • Sesame oil chicken
  • Stir-fried broccoli with chicken, ginger, sesame oil and rice wine
  • Stir fried sweet potato leaves with shredded ginger
  • French bean fried egg with ginger and sesame oil
  • Sweet and sour fish


  • Bird nest soup
  • Red bean soup


  • Almonds, macadamia and cashews


  • Red dates tea
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