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Baby Gear List

First 6 weeks


  • x Crib and mattress (Graco Pack n Play)no extra room yet, so this will do temporarily
  • x Bassinet (Graco Pack n Play) – yea, it’s a 4-in-1
  • x Changing table/ pad (Graco Pack n Play) – yea, it’s a 4-in-1
  • x Bouncer (Graco Pack n Play) – yea, it’s a 4-in-1

Baby Gear

  • x Baby carrier (Sakura Bloom Sling) – just had to get one of these for me; also got a second hand Kangourou carrier from Sophie
  • _ Stroller
  • _ Baby car seat
  • x Car seat saver + backseat organizer (Prince Lionheart)was on sale!
  • x Car seat canopy – thanks to Ping!
  • x Play yard (Graco Pack n Play)that’s its eventual purpose
  • _ Tummy time playmat (Fisher-Price Deluxe Gym)


  • x Diapers (Pampers New Baby Size 1)
  • x Wipes (Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes)
  • _ Diaper cream (Vaseline or A&D Ointment) – apparently not needed as diapers nowadays are very absorbant so we will see first
  • x Diaper bag (Skip Hop Versa)got the sketch diamond pattern


  • x Nursing Pillow (Theraline) – will reuse my body pillow, yea!
  • x Bib (6) (Carter’s) – and 2 extras from gift sets; thanks to Paulene and my Sally-Party-Gang
  • x Burp cloths (3) (Carter’s) can also use washcloths or receiving blankets
  • x Breast pump (Medela Freestyle) – also bought cleaning bags and wipes
  • x Nipple cream (Lasinoh)
  • x Breast pads (Tommee Tippee)disposables
  • x Breastfeeding cover – thanks to Ping!
  • _ Formula
  • x Bottles (120ml x2, 240ml x3) (Dr Brown’s)
  • x Nipples (Slow-flow x5, Medium-flow x2) (Dr Brown’s Wide Neck)
  • _ Pacifiers (2)
  • x Bottle brushes (Dr Brown’s)
  • x Bottle drying rack (Dr Brown’s)
  • x Bottle sterilizer – got a second hand one from Sophie
  • x Bottle warmer (Dr Brown’s)

Clothings (Sizing: NB – newborn, 3M – up to 3months)

  • x Side-snap shirts with integrated mittens, NB (4) (Carter’s)Perfect for the healing belly buttons
  • x Button up top, 3M (1) (Carter’s)
  • x Vest top, NB (1) – from gift set
  • x Bodysuits, short sleeves, NB (2) 3M (4) (Carter’s)
  • x Bodysuits, long sleeves, 3M (4) (Carter’s)
  • x Sleep & play, NB (3) 3M (5) (Carter’s) – took a mix of cotton/ microfleece, snap-up/ zip-up for summer/ winter; and one extra from dear Lena
  • x Pull-on pants, NB (3) 3M (6) (Carter’s)
  • x Cardigan, 3M (2) (Carter’s) – for going-out
  • x Caps, NB (1) 3M (3) (Carter’s) – and 1 extra (NB) from gift set
  • x Mittens, 3M (3) (Carter’s) – and 2 extras (NB) from gift set
  • x Booties, 3M (2) (Carter’s)
  • x Pairs of socks, 3M (9) (Carter’s)
  • x Receiving blankets (4) (Carter’s) – multipurpose; handy for everything from swaddling to burping


  • _ Wearable blankets (2) – like sleep sacks; not sure if necessary; will try wearing sleep & play first but no swaddling at night (not good for physical development)
  • x Swaddling blankets (2) (Carter’s) (4) (Adam & Anais)
  • x Cuddle-Me Blankets (2) (Carter’s) – ultra soft; perfect for cuddling to snoozing but not for baby cot (SIDS)
  • x Music (Graco Pack n Play)  – yea, extras
  • x Night light will just use my study lamp
  • x Crib sheets (2) (American Baby Company) and 100% organic cotton
  • x Waterproof mattress pad (American Baby Company)


  • x Baby bathtub – got a second hand tub from Sophie but I want the Puj Tub too!
  • x Hooded towels (3) (Carter’s) and got an extra from gift set
  • x Wash cloths (12) (Carter’s) never too many as can be use as bib or burp cloths too
  • _ Shampoo & body wash (Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo)
  • _ Baby lotionapparently not necessary for newborn so will try without first; less chemicals!
  • x Baby massage oil (100% Extra virgin olive oil, 100% Sweet almond oil) – a good practice; calming & helps to sleep better; will try


  • _ First aid supplies
  • _ Thermometer
  • x Baby nail clippers (Stylfile Nipper Clipper)
  • x Nasal aspirator (Nosefrida)
  • x Baby hair brush (Chicco Natural Silk Brush and Comb)
  • _ Baby friendly laundry detergent

Up to 6 months

Solid feeding

  • _ Highchair
  • _ xxx

Solid feeding

  • _ Teething toys


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