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1 year old

How time flies, our baby turned 1 on Sep 7, 2014!

He is 9.5kg, 74cm and has 8 teeth (+ 3 more on the way including a molar, yikes I know – all parents greatest nightmare).

His first word was dog (which sounded more like ‘daughhhk’ or sometimes ‘yuckkk’).

He can point out his ears (in french), his nose (in english), plants, cats and of course, dogs! And food when he wants more!

We had an impromptu birthday celebration back in Malaysia with our families and friends. It turned out to be quite a birthday bash, filled with lots of love, fun and a beautiful No. 1 cake. It was really memorable! (Shoutout to the greatest Uncle Lionel who planned the whole party singlehandedly)

Having a baby taught us most of all, patience and hope (never stop believing that he will sleep better soon, will cry will less, will not scream anymore hahaha)

We love him to bits!

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