I've got the sun in my eyes


Hello world again!

Am back, now as Mama Teh!

It was Mothers’ Day last Sunday. My first. It was an easy day, we went for brunch, bought some flowers and visited Mr Fudge’s mom to present her the flowers for the occasion. All amidst the dark wet sky. Well, nothing can be done about the Belgium weather!

Along the day, I noticed a question about breastfeeding, posted by an old friend on Facebook so I sent her a quick message to congratulate her, started chatting and dropped a few tips hoping to help her about breastfeeding (other thing that I did successfully apart from climbing Kilimanjaro!). Then I realized how hard it was for me to recall the first months as a mom. It all went by so quickly. I wanted to give her some tips to successful breastfeeding but I really had to crack my mind.

So, there, on Mothers’ Day, I had inspiration to write again. To keep my memories in words. To share my experience with other new moms. And maybe, maybe someday what I wrote will help someone. And myself.

Kiss, I will be back.

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