I've got the sun in my eyes


What to do when baby is overdue?

Just like mangoes, every baby has different timing to be ‘ripe’. We are at 40+5 today. What I am more afraid of is what my doc will eventually tell me to do – induction! Yikes!

Meantime, while enjoying my little vacation, what I have been up to so far:

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep (I have difficulty sleeping in the night though, could that be due to over napping during the day?)
  • Take walks around the park (I try to walk at least 3km a day – takes me 40mins!)
  • Chanting (1 hour a day)
  • Bouncing on the birth ball
  • Checking work emails occasionally
  • Check out cafes around my neighborhood, enjoying slow lunch while reading (I walked to the cafes too!)
  • Online shopping
  • Cooking (Been trying out new recipes – bought a new Le Creuset dutch oven from Amazon UK. Oops!)
  • Movies (For the popcorns)
  • Drinks with friends (The weather has been exceptional)
  • Cleaning the house (Or trying…)
  • Ironing (Not a favorite!)
  • Surfing the net (Yeah, I’d admit that 50% on Facebook)
  • Blogging! (Mostly about my cooking experiment so far)
  • Re-design my blog (Just managed to install the Instagram widget)
  • Play Candy Crush (Please send me lives!)

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