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Red Dates Tea (Prenatal)

My girlfriend who is my ‘confinement consultant’ has been asking if I had started drinking red dates tea. Not yet! Though I did read somewhere that the perfect time to start drinking Red Dates Tea 2-3 times/week is at around 34 weeks of pregnancy. So I’ve still time! (Or just being lazy?)

Red Dates tea is drank from week 34 until 1 month post pregnancy with an exception that post-pregnancy, there will be few more herbs added to the red dates tea (another recipe). Traditionally, it is to replace water completely for a new mum. I found a recipe online!

For 2 servings.


  • 7 dried red dates (Or add 7 dried black dates too)
  • 400 ml of water (Then double the amount of water)


  1. Drink in the morning, 1-2 hours after breakfast so prepare the night before.
  2. Take each date and use a pointy scissors and make 7 snips around the edge on one of the ends.
  3. Soak them in 400 ml of hot water until the next morning.
  4. Transfer them to a small sauce pot and let boil on a very very low heat (to avoid evaporation and proper brewing) for one hour.
  5. Let it cool and ready to drink.

Updated: I made it and it tasted yummy!!! I only made the recipe above once and for the other times (twice a week), I made an enhanced version based on the post natal recipe + white fungus + american ginseng. I prefer the texture of the drink resulting from 2hrs in slow cooker on high setting than letting it simmer throughout the night on low setting.


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