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Day 9: Barafu Huts, Mweka Huts (Stage 6)

Sunday, 18 Dec 2011

Distance: 11.5 km
Duration: 5 hours
Altitude reached: 3106 m

After reaching the peak, all you want to do is to sleep but we had to go down almost immediately due to the high altitude.

It was hard on the knees and nerves. Slippery. Long. Steep. And senseless. I mean, we have reached the goal, where is the helicopter to give us the ride back?! No, we had to almost ski (if you are skillful) or slide on your bottom down on the gravel slopes for about 2-3 hours.

And now, we could see what we had thread on the night before. It was amazing. I really don’t know how I had done it. So proud of me!!!

We enjoyed a couple hours of much needed and deserved sleep at Barafu Huts before continueing down to Mweka Huts for another 2-3 hours. A lot hopping around rocks and hard concentration not to miss my footing as we went down.

Funny thing I recalled during the long endless monotonous journey was the relentless responses of our guides, ‘Almost there, 15mins more!’ whenever I asked when are we arriving.

No pictures were taken for this journey. Not surprising at all!


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