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A Polish Dinner

Two Sundays ago, we were invited to the cosy home of Elizabeth and Eva, the lovely ladies who help us to keep our place tidy every forth nightly. Man, they did cooked up a storm and enticed us with many Polish delights.

We started off with some bubbles and canapes. Followed by some very delicious borscht soup (which I had several helpings). The starter was polish crepes with sauerkraut and mushroom fillings – yum!

For main, we had sliced meat rolled with cornichons, carrots onions with thyms and potato dumplings (special but I loved it!). And red wine, of course. I managed a picture half way through dinner before I empty my plate. Hehe.


The servings were big. We were completely full but when presented with the finale – we couldn’t resist. Desserts! I think we each had 2 shots of chocolate mousse and a generous cut of cheese cake. And I took some cheese cake home too (and ate them over the next 3 days. So sinful!).


A dinner to remember. Thanks ladies!

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