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Hidden Gems in Tallinn

Tallinn, Estonia
19 – 21 November 2012

Sorry for the long silence. I am still bumping around in Belgium. Got me a new job but everything else is almost the same. And now I found myself in Tallinn AGAIN but this city keeps surprising me. Even after a looong day at work.

This night, we ventured into three different places, thanks to our dear Estonian friends.

Gloria Wine Cellar
Muurivahe 2, Tallinn 10146, Estonia


First was this unassuming hidden wine cellar. Upon entry, the quietness and racks of wine sort of intimidated me as I am not a real wine connoiseur (I drink everything that is alcoholic!). This place is for serious wine lovers. My colleague stood there looking amazed and yet in akwardness. I told him, yeah, we’ve got to choose a bottle and drink by the street. Estonian style. I was kidding, of course.

I have been here. I recalled upon my previous visit, the hidden part of this cellar bar – a lovely 1930s underground back rooms. We selected a bottle of Bianchi, Argentinian red from 2007 and settled down in one of the rooms, surrounded by wine bottles, dim lights and classic Sinatra numbers. It’s a place for romance!

I took some pictures which will not do this place justice. Blame it on my crappy blackberry. I need an iPhone!!!

Ruutli 4, Tallinn 10130, Estonia


Next, we went to, what literally is called HELL. And it’s just next to a church. How adapt! Our Estonian friends were raving about this bar with great food. It was said that there live in this bar a great cook. So we went to check it out! And lo behold, not only great beers (I think I had the Estonian beer called Munich) but yummylicious food. I had a bowl of borsch (my no.1 fav soup!) and a perfectly cooked medium well fillet mignon with mushrooms.

Lastly – 1960s Bar


I didn’t get the real name of the bar. It was said that the time stopped here since 1960s. And I can attest to that! As I was complaining quite a bit about the cold outside, our Estonian friends suggested a little shot to warm things up. And oh.my.god, it burnt me! A shot made up of anis liquor, tabasco and vodka. Can you imagine downing that? I almost sweat my way home. And also weirdly, on my way out, an old man was calling to me, “kiss me, kiss me”.


And oh yeah, if you are ever here, don’t hesitate on Swissotel. So lovely. I want to bring the bed home.

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