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Day 8: Barafu Huts (Stage 5)

Saturday, 17 Dec 2011

Distance: 3.4 km
Duration: 4 hours
Altitude reached: 4662 m

Just the 3 of us and our guides, we set off as we did each morning. A little quieter, a little less rush but missing the rest. The scenery was barren. Rocks and stones. Oh, so beautiful!

[singlepic id=284 w=640 h=360 float=center]

Took a break, taking in the view while munching snickers for that sugar dose I needed so much.

[singlepic id=285 w=640 h=360 float=center]

Almost there! Look at those pieces of rocks. They were flat! (Ignore my pitiful face, please)

[singlepic id=281 w=640 h=360 float=center]

We made it!!! (Actually, Mr Fudge arrived way before me, the moon walker who still managed to smile)

[singlepic id=282 w=640 h=360 float=center]

Barafu means ‘Ice’ in Swahili. It was chilly up there! The campsite was quite busy with tired people returning from the summit and excited people gearing to go up that night. We had to register in this hut. I thought I looked like a real mountain girl from Mongolia in this picture.

[singlepic id=287 w=640 h=360 float=center]

There was a new toilet, perched proudly by the clift (top left in the picture below). Pretty much timed for as apparently, a woman died when the toilet she sat on collapsed and slid down the hill. Ugh!

[singlepic id=283 w=640 h=360 float=center]

Oh, here, we met again with our lovely mates who ALL made it to the summit. Congratulations! That was such an encouragement to know and to see. We hugged and kissed. And I asked for tips – all they said was, “Put on EVERYTHING you have because it is damn cold up there!”. And luckily, I did!

[singlepic id=286 w=640 h=360 float=center]

Our ever faithful sleeping hole throughout the trip. We went straight to bed, just managed to down a bit of food beforehand. So tired out! And can’t wait for the big night!

Oh, there were birds up there!

[singlepic id=288 w=640 h=360 float=center]


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