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The title is just irrelevant to this post.

I am currently completely engrossed in a book – Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. It is very well written and very easy to read. I am on Day 3 and already half way through. Some complained that the book is incomplete however, I wonder if one can ever fit a lifetime of great man within a book? He is indeed inspirational!

Chinese New Year is around the corner… again! Time flies. I am pretty excited to go home. Looking forward to catch up especially with my friends whom I have not been in touch as often as I would like. I will have to sacrifice some family time but hope to spend some quality time with my friends. I have the tendency to speed thru the week, spending a minute with everyone, touching lives but not engraving depth. This time, I want to have some slow ‘us’ time. Savoring the good old memories, catching up on time and keeping close for the coming journeys.

I know, I still have to complete my blog on Kilimanjaro. And I will!

My weakness is a passion that burns out too fast – as the Malay proverb goes, hangat hangat tahi ayam. I am trying to make a habit out of the innate motivation that grew within me since Kilimanjaro. I tell myself if I can complete that harsh journey, I can complete everything I do if I try hard enough. I managed to finish that last 5mins to meet my goal of 45mins running today. Phew! Seems like a small task but hell yes, it takes a lot of internal determination to run that extra mile. Especially with no personal trainer and no one looking, the temptation to get off the machine and ease my muscles was hard to resist. But I made it and now it drives me to want to complete things that I have not been able to get around doing in the last years. Like learning french (small). And find meaningful work (big). I still don’t know what I want to do (definitely not a telecom sales forever) that will make me happy yet fulfilled but I will start seeking that out.

Am going back to my book for now…

 The title resonates after all.

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