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Day 3: Moshi, here we come

Monday, 12 Dec 2011

A long drive of 6 hours awaited us, but we were excited to go to Moshi to meet with the rest of the group. So, we left Sopa Lodge at sharp 10am and arrived at Springlands Hotel at 4.30pm. We will do the climb with Zara Tours which was selected by Chris and his friends. Zara has a good reputation so I was not too worried about that. They are the largest climbing tour operator in Moshi.

We quickly checked in and joined the evening briefing for the climb at 5pm. Met Raymond who is the head guide for our group, a soft spoken guy. He briefed us on the route, various camps, portable toilets (yeah!), gears, minor details and answered to our questions. We also met up with part of our group – Adam from Atlanta (Professional euphonium player), Sarah from Melbourne (Medical trainee, doctor-to-be), Alfredo from Spain (Veterinarian) and Chris (Banker), our friend. The rest were due to arrive that night.

Also, made a quick trip to the rental shop to get some stuffs which we needed (walking poles for 10 USD).

We had dinner at the hotel (9 USD). Food was quite ok, self serving. 3 more of our group members arrived – Michael and Clarissa (Bankers) from Hong Kong, Melanie from Melbourne (another doctor-to-be, yeah!). What a diversity!

We retired early to our rooms to pack and rest for the big day.

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