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101 Questions

Hundreds of unanswered questions are swarming in my head.

What clothes should I bring? Will I have enough? Which type of underwear should I buy? I mustn’t forget the little padlocks. I need to buy the medicines. I need doctor’s prescriptions. What Xmas presents should I buy? (We are returning on 24 Dec itself!) Should I stock up drinks for Xmas dinner already? Will I survive without my work pc? Do I have enough socks? Do I need to run a charity drive for my climb?

That point got me thinking. Initially I wanted to setup a little charity drive to collect children’s clothing and toys for some orphanages around the Kilimanjaro area. Not sure how that thought got into my mind. Must be all the blogs I have been reading. Many climbers climbed for charity or raised funds prior to their climbs. Now I am wondering is this for me. Do I want to do this because I feel the cause or because everyone else is doing it?

But again, why now? Why not any of my other waking days? I have been to Africa numerous times and running charity drives have never came to mind. I do want to do my bits for others but in everyday of my life. Not during a one-off occasion.

So, is it too selfish of me to do the climb for myself this time? I am not sure if I will succeed but I am sure I will enjoy the memorable journey of trying to succeed. I really want to reach the peak though. I want to prove that my iron mind is stronger than my steel body which have been serving me well despite years of battling balancing thyroid disorder (now you understand why sometimes I seemed hyperactive and other times, just looking fat and lazy) and family hereditary (not work induced!) hypertension. It’s not bad at all. I just have to pop the pills every morning religiously alike the need to brush our teeth! Otherwise, oooh that throbbing headache which I hate (but got used to).

I believe that everything is possible in our lives. Nothing is impossible! (Except learning French?)

Someone once told me that it is not the destination that matters, it is the journey towards that great destination. So, don’t be afraid, set big goals and go for it. At least, we will be at the closest in the end. And had enjoyed the ride!

I hope one day this little adventure of mine can inspire someone out there.

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