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My Kili Compact Training Plan

By the way, this is a last minute training plan (as usual).

I planned to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. So far, I have not yet succeeded. But today, I went for the 2nd time in this week (clap! clap!).

I did 15mins of high cardio training on the running machine (150bpm) and 15mins of easy run (130bpm). I had to push myself a little at the end of the first 15 mins. Man, I am so weak!

I’ll aim to do 20/20 by next week. And 30/15 the week after.

Will do some bike trails this weekend and maybe some light hiking walking if my new shoes arrive tomorrow (yeah, the conveniences of online shopping!) to break them in.

I hope I am doing it the right way! Please tell me if you think otherwise about my training plan.

And look out for my new Cindy Crawford body! :)

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