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Why do people climb mountains?

To be honest, I don’t know the answer to that question. I guess, everyone holds his own answer. I’ve been asking Mr Fudge everyday, almost religiously. Still I can’t figure why he wanna do it. And when I post that question to myself… well… it’s kind of a dream but why…

In 2005, I made it up to Mount Kinabalu (4095.2m) with a group of friends. I barely couldn’t remember the pain now but oh, I can tell you so much about the exhilaration when we finally realized we made it (not really conscious when we were up there!). Till now.

So, here I am again, at this juncture, trying to let it all sink in – I am going to attempt the Kilimanjaro (5895m) with Mr Fudge, Chris and two more friends that I have yet to meet. It sounds terrifying and yet terribly exciting :)

It’ll be a 6 days trip from 12 – 19 Dec 2011. We will be taking the Machame Route. All tips (not money! but on second thought, I wouldn’t mind too) are welcome. Thank you in advance.

I’ve been training (a bit) and reading up (a lot). There’s so much decisions to make. Flights, gears, training, reservations, diamox etc. I need to get down to getting organize and fit!

Countdown: 31 days

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