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Gear List: Sleeping Bag

Well, there is a long list of gears to bring. And I own nothing of those sorts. I am not so much an outdoor person, least at the mountains.

Back in 2005, I climbed Mount Kinabalu in a cheap Fila running shoes I bought on the day before the ascent (RM199 – courtesy of my cousin). It served me well and believe it or not, I am still running with it sometimes. As for the rest, I did suffered for not being prepared. I recalled, at the summit, I couldn’t feel my hands at all and my guide had to give me his huge leather gloves (warm!).

Once bitten and twice shy, I have given a lot of thoughts and have been reading a lot about the gears I have to bring to Kilimanjaro. They’ll have to be a compromise between cost and quality.

Finally, we made our first choices – the sleeping bags. We’ll be ordering from Alpkit – SkyeHigh 1000. Any objections out there?

Next, we’ll be checking out the stores tomorrow for the hiking boots (and I need to figure out how to break into them).

Gonna round up the kit list sometime later this week.

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