I've got the sun in my eyes


A Fresh Bloom

Ah, spring is here! So is my mood for blogging. I wanted to revamp the look of msteh.com. Simplify it. Modernize it. And fill it up with interesting contents! What do you think of the changes so far?

I had some inspiration last couple days. Some friends had asked me for recommendations on places to go, where to stay, what eat. What a pity all I have left is some wonderful memories that I cannot share with them because I can’t remember the names of the places I have been. That’s where the motivation to blog about and I hope this time with there will be more determination as there is a sense of purpose in it all.

You know, all those hours of researching, tabulating them into my ever famous excel files, having seen all those wonderful places and tasted those bad food (where you should avoid), I think I could finally get a useful blog going. Or least it will serve the purpose of refreshing my memories instead of leaving me in frustrations like now.

So stay tune!

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