I've got the sun in my eyes


Relaks Me

A friend recommended the book by Deepak Chopra. It comes pretty close to Buddhist philosophy, and it gave me a new perspective in viewing life. It made me look deep into myself. Finding the balance. And embracing the silence within me.

So there, I have set up a little zen corner for myself in my room. A candle. Relaxation music (played on my new iHome – my favourite Xmas gift from Mr Fudge). I think I am gonna go get an aromatheraphy diffuser later (one with dimmed blue light playing in the shadows of the moving water).

Ahh, bliss!

Though it’s not really one of my favourite books. I think the gist of the book is great but it’s a pity it is sort of written in a hurry with too many examples that I can’t seem to have any connection with.

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