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Instant Prayer Answered

I hate late night calls. I dread it. Most of the time, it means bad news.

This morning, I woke up to a SMS. Dad had no urine since last night. It worried me like hell. Something was blocked again. I called him and urged him to go to the hospital immediately before any worst could happen especially his kidneys which are already in pretty weak state.

I guess he was worried too because he sounded pretty down.

I was pacing up and down my living room. What can I do. What can I do. So I decided to chant HARD. But how should I chant? Please let my dad be ok? Or something more specific but sounded more impossible – like his urine WILL start flowing NOW? Ok, I said to myself, heck it, let’s chant with this determination.

After 40 mins, I heard my phone beeped again. My brother sent me a text, ‘Dad’s urine is flowing’. I called my dad immediately and he was shouting with joy, ‘It just started flowing suddenly. Hahaha!’. So instead of the hospital, they will be enjoying an evening watching the musical, “The Human Revolution” :)

Man, I felt like a big heavy veil has just been lifted off me. Boy I was amazed. Deeply touched. And truly inspired.

With faith, everything will be possible. After one hell of a week at work and not knowing how I can get out of it (and feeling pretty depressed about it), this experience just struck me. I just know now everything will be alright. If there’s a will, there’ll be a way.


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