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Blessing in Disguise?

The doctors called in to cancel the operation (after downpayment has been paid, papers have been signed and stresses has overwhelmed us). The reason? The operation is too risky and they do not want put their reputation at stake. Hello, is it about saving lives or business? Well, welcome to the reality of privatisation. They referred us to the General Hospital instead.

Oh well, maybe its a blessing in disguise. Perhaps we have depended too much on one single individual to make the decision for dad’s life. It just struck me that we should look for second or even a third opinion. So that’s what I am gonna do!

2 thoughts on “Blessing in Disguise?
  • sue says:

    yes, the doctor could be a shoten-zenjin. by cancelling the operation, you’ll be able to get more opinions and look for other alternatives which could be the better solution. sending your dad my daimoku as well! hugs!

  • Denny says:

    The reality in ICU is I See You In Heaven. That’s what I learnt in Melbourne. Well, the majority is a mass but minority is nothing. We need to understand and must have courage and belief to face this world.

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