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Alghero: Eat – Al Vecchio Mulino

Sept 13, 2010

This place is the best among our entire trip! Honestly, I prefer this over Malbrouk, as the wasted of food didn’t leave me with a very good feeling in the end of the dinner. Don’t like to waste food!!!

Apparently, it is usually overcrowded so best to place your bookings beforehand though we were quite lucky that night. Only had to wait about 10 mins before being seated.

And this time we got smarter – ordered just an antipasti and a primi piatti. Still, we were quite stuffed but I spared some space for dolce (sweets) – Crema Catalana. A must try in Alghero, part of its Spanish heritage. But too sweet for me!

The pasta dishes were unforgettable!!! Truly!

Price is reasonable too.

My Antipasti.

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My Primi Piatti.

[singlepic id=147 w=400 h=300 float=]

My Dolce.

[singlepic id=146 w=400 h=300 float=]

My Digestivo – Grappa.

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[singlepic id=143 w=400 h=300 float=]

The Ambiance.

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