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Finding Our Way

We are heading to Sardinia, Italy next week so I have been doing a lot of reading up on things to do there. I am mostly looking up in websites of people who had made the travel, hoping to ride on their experience. One site leads to another. And I discovered so many beautiful things. But it’s been challenging to keep my focus on. I am enjoying my time browsing at so many irrelevant yet relevant stuffs.

I am amazed at how one thing that leads to another can bring you a long way to good you never knew. That’s inspirational isn’t it. I am even a web traveller now.

Meantime, let me share one treasure I found:

Symptoms of Inner Peace by Saskia Davis

  • A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than on fears based on past experience
  • An unmistakable ability to enjoy the moment
  • A loss of interest in judging other people
  • A loss of interest in judging self
  • A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others
  • An inability to worry (this is a very serious symptom!)
  • Frequent overwhelming episodes of appreciation
  • Frequent acts of smiling
  • An increasing tendency to let things happen rather than to make them happen
  • An increased susceptibility to the love extended by others as well as the uncontrollable urge to extend it.

2 thoughts on “Finding Our Way
  • Saskia says:

    Good morning!
    How delightful that while researching for your travel in Italy, you happened upon SYMPTOMS OF INNER PEACE! I can say that they travel well, don’t take up much space and improve any travel, anywhere!

    Personally, speaking as their author, I am always one step behind them as they travel quite independently, making friends around the globe and making it that much smaller as they go.

    What you have posted are excerpts from a slightly larger piece. I invite you and your readers to visit http://www.symptomsofinnerpeace.net to read them in their original context, find reprint info and a beautiful poster.

    I hope from time to time on your journey you will write about how they are influencing your travels. I would very much enjoy reading about that!
    Saskia Davis, author

  • Ms Teh says:

    Thanks for your message Saskia. It”s true, just like life, we never know where’s next…

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