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A Buddhist Summer Retreat

21-25 July 2010 – Trets, France

I was there this year – SGI Belgium Summer Course! As always, it was rejuvenating, moving and inspiring. I came home with many determinations and overload of joy.

There was an unexpected flight cancellation announced the night prior to departure due to strike in France (why the French likes to go on strike?!?!). Nevertheless, we still managed, each on our own, found our ways there. Turned out, we had the largest attendance of all years and only two unfortunately members who couldn’t make it. Amazing isn’t it. I believe there were almost 50 people who had their flights canceled. Including me who managed at the last minutes to find a train for myself and my shakubuku who was coming along. Phew!

It wasn’t as easy this year. There was many moments necessary of patience and compassion which I had found hard to embrace. But I have learnt most of all, the importance to communicate with my heart. Still practising the art of it…

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Wonderful friends waving farewell as we departed the idyllic land on the final day, returning to each of our own realities – to continue embracing life, seeking happiness and striving for kosenrufu together in our own ways.

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