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A Kiddy Walibi

We went to Walibi last Sunday with a 7 year old. It’s a great place to spend the Sunday with the whole family though I think it can be quite expensive. Entrance for an adult cost about 32 euros. Try to find some deals for the tickets beforehand (lesson learnt). The place is quite big with loads of greens. A couple of impressive rides (which I didn’t try!). I enjoyed a lot just being there, walking around in my flipflops, soaking in all the happy vibes of children running about and people screaming of excitement from the rides. Just a little let down from the people working there. I think they could have shown more enthusiasm to make the place.

I took some notes about going out with a kid.

  • Children have no fear. Just plentiful energy.
  • Don’t ask them if/what they want to eat. Just buy a hamburger.
  • They are loads of fun. But sometimes like boring weird rides. Like the antique car ride thingy. She insisted to go on it TWICE!

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I am glad we made her day and she made ours with her generous smiles.

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