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Cheated Like A Rookie

Oh well, we never thought, being such frequent travellers, we would ever be cheated. But well, I guess, the tricksters are always a step ahead.

So, the damage was 20 pesos for a taxi ride. I had only two 100 pesos notes. Handed him the first but he said it was torn so he returned it to me. I had a fleeting notion that hey, the notes in Argentina looks like monopoly money ain’t it? But anyway, I handed him the second 100 pesos note and got back my change of 80 pesos happilly.

Hopped out of the taxi, I exclaimed to Mr Fudge – Ooh how I love this city! Not only its vibrant, friendly people but even the taxi drivers are nice and honest! There was no haggling of prices, it always goes by the meter.

2 hours later, after a hearty meal at yet another good discovery of mine – La Cabras (I’ll elaborate about it another day, in a total review about food in Buenos Aires – yummy!), we were chased upon by the waiter and waitresses on the streets. They claimed that we have paid them with counterfeit notes. Huhhh!

Then we realised that we were conned BIG TIME by the *#!*%? taxi driver!

And oh, but it made Mr Fudge laughed so much because ‘your naiveness kills me!’.

(But seriously, to those who are travelling there, take note of this trick. Always note the taxi’s license plate or ask for a receipt.)

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