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A Cow’s Heart

Oh well, so we did what the locals do – eat steak every day. I must admit that the Argentinean meat really deserve its fame. Its damn good!


So, gathering from a travel magazine review, I was all glee when I found out that the best steak restaurant in Buenos Aires is just a walk away from our hotel (Also one I have skillfully selected!). It is said that the best Mollejitas in Buenos Aires is served here.

So, I was truly looking forward to this place and very determined to try the best Mollejitas in town.

(Just didn’t cross my mind to check out what Mollejitas is. I had the impression its a meatball or something)

Well, there I was, so pleased with my new discovery – sitting in this lovely quaint restaurant, sipping beautiful Argentinean red wine and chomping off Buenos Aires BEST Mollejitas (didn’t take any pictures because I was too excited to eat!). But uhm, wait a minute – its chewy, a little fatty, sometimes crunchy on the side, the texture looks weird (tube looking stuffs popping out)… I started to wonder what is this really? Perhaps minced meat with intestines?…

So, Mr Fudge kindly asked in his best Spanish to the waiter.

And the waiter puts his hands to his chest and said, ‘HEART’.

Oh my, I ate a cow’s heart! I squealed and almost choked. You should have seen the look on my face.

Sigh, I am but blind sucker for reviews.

(Mollejitas is a true local delight in Argentina, so if you have a heart for it, do try it!)

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