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The Kosenrufu Apartment

And so, many things has been happening in my life. There is a new he – Mr Fudge, for sometime now. Things are moving forward. One thing leads to another and we’ve decided to merge our living pads together. So, here we are (again!) in search of a new kosenrufu apartment. (My current apartment served quite well its purpose as a kosenrufu apartment I must say)

Here’s the list of ‘requirements’ – not all are must-haves but some nice-to-haves (I am not so picky!):

1. Near to tram/metro station – easily accessible for chanting session/ meetings

2. Two bedrooms – for our families and dear guests from faraway

3. Big living – to fit both our sofa sets

4. Old Brussels Style apartment with wooden flooring, high ceilings – for the European living experience

5. Quiet area with lots of green

6. A garden which need no gardening

7. Modern kitchen

8. Lotsa sunlight!

9. Flamant Colours on the walls – one of Mr Fudge’s obsessions

10. Possibility to hang 2 ceiling lamps

11. Private entrance – one of my obsessions, influence by the last apartment we visited

12. Victorian style water tap



… Lastly, it all has to come within our budget. Fixed price.

After 10 apartment visits, non which has completely everything though the last came pretty close except for the darkness, its location (on the busiest street) and most of all, its way beyond our budget, I thought that we’ll probably have to settle for the second best. Mr Fudge has much more patience because it was of 50 visits before he selected his current apartment! Phew. I thought I’ll never be able to get thru this. It just drives me crazy thinking of all the time and energy this whole thing takes.

And work has not been going extremely smoothly either. Been at heads on with my boss. Let’s leave that for another tête-a-tête but I’d just like to say that I am really glad (ehem, thanks to my boss) that I am not travelling these 2 weeks.

Last Thursday, I organised a chanting session with dear Claire and Vero at my place. Coincidentally, all of us are in search for our kosenrufu apartment. So we chanted with the same ichinen and I chanted just simply to find the RIGHT apartment (No, I didn’t recite my long list of requirements).

And on Friday (as usual!) we were 20 mins late for our appointment. We thought the housing agent would have left, didn’t even have a number to call but what the heck, let’s just try our luck. When we arrived, we were ushered in quickly by a charming lady into this lovely apartment. It looked like there was a little party going on. After few moments of confusion, the lady, Grace understood that we were not friends of her friends but potential tenants visiting the apartment. It was a funny moment. She was slightly suprised by our presence as she didn’t remembered making any appointments but nevertheless, ever ready to show us around. And man, I had goosebumps visiting the apartment. It has ALL our criterias – 1, 2, 3… and fitted our budget right on the dot!

We took it on, of course! It is lovely, I tell you. Right in front there is a green green park, right behind there is a tram stop. Even, coincidentally two empty spots with no lamps – just right for us.

The whole experience just renewed and boosted my faith a hundred times over. I believe in the end, its not the matter of the material gain (the apartment) but the invaluable gain of actual proof again and again to remind us the power of Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.

Especially for me, this moment is definately very defining. Sometimes after years of practice, we do tend to become complacent about faith. So this small taste of victory is definately a call and an encouragement to me for other greater missions in my life (though I am still quite lost and in the searching phase but I am going to strut forward!!!).

Say, everything happens for a reason. Believe it or not!

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