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Save-a-Blog For Dummies

How did I do? Actually, I don’t think it takes a geek for this. Anyone can do it.

Step 1: Look for the ‘extra’ codes that the hackers inserted. Check the date and make a mental note.

Step 2: Do a manual wordpress upgrade. Check those files that you are not suppose to delete according to wordpress upgrade instructions. If they were edited on the same day the ‘extra’ codes were inserted, mostly likely you’ll find the codes there as well. Clean em up!

Step 3: Proceed with the manual wordpress upgrade.

Step 4: Change password. Make it as complicated as you can. Capital letters. Small letters. Numbers. Signs.

Step 5: Also check your FTP access. Make sure there is no anonymous access allowed. Set all accounts with complicated passwords.

Tada! (Cross my fingers that my blog will not be hacked again)

If you have got some good tips, please bring it on.

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