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Voice of an Angel

Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009.

Not really because of the media, but more of my reminiscence from all the years (in fact almost all my life), I have been thinking and reading up a lot about Michael. And of course, listening to his songs. It disgusted me how much my perception over the years has been molded by what the media has orchestrated. I recalled though when I was young, I could never get enough watching the video of Thriller and listening to Beat It.

After reading up about his life, I do feel his pain. Being someone having so much to give and I guess wanting perfection, Michael sadly had a couple of unfortunately incidents in his life which I believed, combined with the pressure of the media drove him till the tipping point.

Michael didnt yearn to be white. He had no choice because he was suffering from a chronic skin decease called Vitiligo which causes depigmentation in patches on his skin. The common treatment use for patients suffering from Vitiligo lightens the skin tones which explained why Michael became all of a sudden, almost a white man. It wasn’t his choice. I recalled now, that I read in the media during that period reporting on MJ’s crazy complete body skin tattoo to transform himself which was of course bollocks. I think these untrue remarks about Michael hurted him a lot. He is still human, maybe even a very sensitive one in emotions due to all the limelights and expectations of his gift.

Across different years, Michael also had couple of accidents. One where he broke his nose during a practise. He had to undergo numerous rhinoplasty as the accident had him with difficulties in breathing which can be quite an obstacle for his singing career. That explains why he had to had the multiple nose job done. And so very often, we see how the media sneer at the fallen nose etc. He also, during a Pepsi Cola commercial filming, endured a second degree burn on his scalp when his hair caught fire.

I think as a public figure, physical appearence must be very key. I would if it was me to be perfect for the world. I do not mean to yearn to be the most beautiful or a having killer bod, but to be myself, my perfect self. Definately I would not wish for patching skin due to Vitiligo, but again, if sickness/ accidents bears upon us, what can we do? Karma.

I know its a lot of pain for Michael, maybe we will never know how much. But I wished or I had hoped that he had taken another path and not succumbing to all the weight in the world which is in the end insignificant, except for the deterioration to your dear self.

Somehow I think all that took toll on him and drove im down the road to perfection of his physical self which also causes mental stress.

BCC made a slideshow – ‘Michael Jackson – man & music’. I hear him. I feel a sensitive man.

And also, what I didn’t realise is that not only Michael sang about the helping the world, he really did try to help too. Thru different charities for different purposes.

I know, I only talked about the goodness. We had also heard throughout the years, some terrible stories about Michael. I do not judge because I do not have the right to. Its his life. But I believe, deep down in everyone there is certainly exist goodness. Question is, how do we manifest this goodness (potential)?

Oh, but Michael, you have given so much to us! Thank you and rest in peace.

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