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The Weekender – Barcelona (II)

Headed out late again as we had to check-out from our weekend hotel at noon and check-in to my business hotel which is at the other end of the city. After all the hassles, we went for lunch at Paco Meralgo, a modern tapas bar recommended by a friend. It’s design, hip and food is good but if you are looking for some typical spanish ambiance, this is not it. Though I would say that this is the Spanish ambiance of today as there’s countless of such eateries sprouting about the city. Oh, we had cava again!


As we stepped out after a sumptious meal, I discovered another gem – Cremeria Toscano, an old fashion ice cream parlor with ice cream that I would die over and over again for (a bit of exagerration here!). Its really good though! (As you can see!)


Then we headed on to discover the Spanish Village – Pablo Espanyol. Uhm, 8.5€ per person for the entrance, I wouldn’t recommend it truly unless you  have a real passion for Spanish architecture and really really in short of time to visit the various parts of Spain to see the real stuffs. (Trying to make up for my 8.5€ with the view)


At the last of light hour (almost 8pm), we rushed to see La Sagrada Familia (Temple of the Holy Family). How magnificent it it! If you ever put a foot in Barcelona and have only an hour to spare, never hesitate, it should be this masterpiece of Gaudi. I saw it first time 4 years ago and am still blown away by it. Its still under construction after more than 100 years. This is Gaudi’s last unfinished work before he died. Amazing and intriguing! The wonderous sculptures seems outgrown of the stones and the towering peaks gives such a grandiose feeling. (Old & new facade)


Got 2 fridge magnets for Mom as promised for all my travels :)

To wind down for the evening, we headed towards Carpe Diem Lounge Club at Port Olimpic (Metro: Ciutadella-Villa Olimpica). It is a very cool place by the sea with beds to lounge in and a mix of Oriental decor. This time we shared a bottle of cava!


Alas, we overruled the spanish time again and landed up in another over priced touristy restaurant with food not worth mentioning. What a pity!

Lastly, we hopped by a club called Shoko for a drink or two. The music was quite good and there was quite a crowd there for a Sunday night but my poor feet wasn’t supporting my spirits anymore so we had to call it a night not long after 3am. Geez!

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