I've got the sun in my eyes


Brewing Excitement

Ooops, I have been missing for a long while.

But you could guess, I was totally held up… by me. First, I was busy configuring my new toy, then the visit of my bestie, the end of year hols, the new year resolutions, the job, the winter etc etc etc.

Ok, I just ran out of inspiration to write.

But here I am again and terribly excited cuz tomorrow I am leaving back to home. First a stopover in Singapore to watch HarpyListens in action. Come join us!!! 9pm @ Haji Lane.

Get details @ Harpy Listens – Facebook Event

And of course, to see my beloved Nam.

Then off I am to home sweet home with all the Teh’s. Its been a while since we’ve got together with all 5. We are expecting 4 more additional guests to join our family this time. Its gonna be a party!

Thereafter, I am off to Bali, to be swept off my feet by the beauty of the island :)

Can’t wait for it all!

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