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The Love Affair

I once heard a story. Over and over again. Told to me in different ways. But always there is the similarity. I have also had my fair share of such.

The typical story was told once again to me some days ago. A friend was caught in a cyber frenzy with a man from faraway land, engaging in chats religiously every night. Sometimes he was a friend. Sometimes he was a mystery. Sometimes he was the lover. Sometimes he missed her. Sometimes he wanted to hug her. But the problem is, during all those times, he has a girlfriend, faithful beside him. Still.

From there on, I could almost tell the story on. It is always the same old tale.  They have been dating for a while. She’s a nice girl but she’s not the one for him. They were having issues. Compatibility. Depression. Bla. Bla. Bla.

He is attracted to my friend. One very attractive, smart and admirable girl. He wants to get to know her better. He asked always, when can we see each other again. Bla. Bla. Bla.

BUT he can’t leave his girlfriend. She needs him. She’s nice. Bla. Bla. Bla.

Get the idea now? Sounds familiar?

Oh well, then the bombshell came that she’s actually not just a girlfriend, its his fiance and the wedding is for next summer.

And my friend says, “WHY?”. Why does one do that? Isn’t that a sort of betrayal to his fiance? All those time spent on lovey dovey talks late into the night with someone else.

Personally, I think on one hand, it is very selfish of the person. But perhaps sometimes we are just not concious of our actions or just living in oblivion? I guess it’s another form of human weaknesses and we try taming our conciousness by doing all the wrong things.

But I just said, nabeh, if he is so compassionate, ask him to join UN and save more life la!

On a serious note, I believe we only live once, and what becomes of our lives is determined by us, ourselves. Do I marry someone because of responsibility or do I marry for love? I’ll do it for love because of the love of me!

2 thoughts on “The Love Affair
  • Anonymous says:

    love sucks!

  • Uncle Long says:

    hey… you are so right… heard it so many times but why does it all sounds the same…….

    maybe some of us are gutless to take the plunge to the unknown so we deserve the worthless lifes we are destined….

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