I've got the sun in my eyes


It Will Only Make Me Stronger

Sometimes I feel stupid, I feel like I am being mocked, I feel like I am not with my best,  I feel all wrong, I feel blocked, suffocated… – I must not let it overwhelmed me, but I must grit my teeth and clench my fist and keep believing in me.  Let’s let the waves of negativity passby. Just keep focusing on my goals, and keep doing better and better and better…

So many thoughts passes thru my mind. Did the person do it in spite or ignorantly? I choose now to believe in the later. There must be a reason for all of these that I am going thru. Most of all, I must emerge a victor within in my own life after this episode. A struggle of mind which I think is one of the most difficult obstacle to us human kind. At least for me.

Keep believing – with right purpose, the innate potential is limitless, just waiting for the right time and moment to arrive,  to be in full bloom.

Number ONE rule I’ve set for myself – stop bitching and start chanting :-)

Let’s forge the indestructive self who beams with joy boundlessly!

Winter has just arrived. Brrr.

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