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Can you believe it? I accidentally, in my daze, deleted the entire folder of pictures I took in 2008. My heart sank. I immediately called up our emergency IT helpdesk but they told me there is no way to recover.

Not giving up, I googled for an hour for a solution and finally chanced upon this software call ‘Undelete PLUS’ and managed to cover at least 70% of my pictures. Phew!!!


Just in case you may need it.

One thought on “Undelete
  • Roddy says:

    Recover my files from advanced data recovery software, is also good..I deleted once all my code of an application, of course i had no backup, would be too obvious..6 months work, all gone gone gone..thank god this thing managed to dig it back up :-)

    Or it could be worse, like g. her external hard disk physicly crashed..300 Gig of data gone gone gone! 😮

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