I've got the sun in my eyes


A Brief Samba Moment

Sometimes my job gets me to a bit exotic places but this time, it was really really a brief experience (No joke, I think this is the shortest longest trip I’ve been, if you know what I mean).

BUT I love Rio! Wanna go back someday for the Samba, Caipirinha and Picanha (especially at Porcao)!!!

I think sometimes you wonder what I do – This is what WE do! :)


After a long long flight, this view made it worthwhile.


And this which was very deceiving – The Favelas. Did you know Rio is one of the most charming and yet dangerous place in the world?


Overdose of Caipirinha, naturally!


Lastly, this is me – new look for the special night out! (Trying to do the ‘Karen Cheng’)


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