I've got the sun in my eyes


Something Is Brewing

You see it? A new look (again!).

Time for renewal. Its just like a home. I love to give my place spring cleaning every now and then. Takes a lot of time, ideas and efforts. But… I like it!

I’d like to remove most of the categories as well. Suddenly it makes me feel like I have ‘multiple personality disorder’ being the belgian, the chinese, the daughter… etc.

I want simplicity – Ms Teh. Buddhism. Travel. Home. Fashion.

Uhm, fashion-blogger-wannabe. Another HHTA** project?

I want my blog to be structured more interest-based rather than personality-based. No, I am not going thru a identity crisis here. Hehe.

Anyway, just stay tune laaa!

I know I’ve not been bloggin much… honestly, nooo time, too much work and no inspiration but I keep trying and am feeling it coming.

** hangat hangat tahi ayam :)

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