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Rock Werchter 2008

Just some picture galore from the weekend well spent at Rock Werchter 2008.

Don’t ask me for music reviews please – head to www.harpylistens.com for that.

Though on Day 1, I missed Mika but caught glimpse of Lenny Kravitz as I was arriving, absolutely loved the live video mix of REM but knew none of their new songs and even stayed up late to watch Chemical Brothers in action.

On Day 2, we missed pretty much due to the need of a real hot shower after being soaked to the bones on Day 1 and for some absolutely mandatory shopping for Wellington boots in Brussels. Still, we managed to be back for a wild night with some new found friends who rolled us some joints and taught us ‘Jump Style’ with Hot Chips jamming on the background.

Day 3 was the highlight of the entire event – Radiohead! With all our ‘kiasu-ism’ combined, we squuezed ourselves in thru the crowd to put ourselves right up next to the stage. It was still 3 performances to go before Radiohead. But I DID really enjoyed those 3 performances, namely by Kings of Leon, Ben Harper and the very eccentric icelandic Sigur Ros. That was before we got squashed and peed on. So, we had to give up before sacrificing ourselves into becoming chinese meatballs and therefore, we headbanged ourselves 100 metres away from Radiohead :( Anyway, I didnt know any of the songs they played that night. I was hoping for them to play Creep but someone told me, ah, that is sooo outdated la.

I didnt remembered much of who played on Day 4. Either I was running out of energy or I was too busy collecting souvinirs – free giveaways from the event sponsors. Hah! I loved the army caps from Belgacom. A couple of my colleagues joined us that day. We goofed about the entire afternoon with an afro wig and one too many beers.

Ah yea, if you want a food review for Werchter ’08, you can ask to me :)

Mmm, I would do this all over again next year and again and again, if you would ask me. It was loads of fun. Even if I had backache from sleeping in the tent, no showers but sort-of-self-cleaning with icy water from a public tap and totally grossed out from what I see in the toilets. What an experience!!!

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    Sabrina! I accidentally deleted your comment while doing all the changes to my blog :(

    But I’ll send you the pictures!!!

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