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Home Sweet Home

Sorry for the long silence. One thing is still no internet access at home. The other, I haven’t really got the time. Just got back from my long trip home. Part business, part personal (the weekends). It was great to be home again. Great to be home during Mega sale too :)

Overall, it was really good to be home, to spend quality time with my parents and good friends. To create once again memorable moments which we can laugh about in the next 5, 10, 20 years to come. Like sleeping with 4 on (or in) the grand bed of The Ritz. Or like watching Ms Teh really really drunk (and missing out listening to the croons of her karaoke peeps).

Oh yea, my ma threw a small potluck-pohpiah party. Small, she said. So I tried to keep the count of invitees as low as possible. But lo and behold, her small meant a party of 50 people. LOL. It was another great evening. I guess, that’s how things have also been in the Teh’s residence. I just can’t wait for our annual Chinese New Year party next year!

I spend 2 days in Singapore too (for work). Managed to squeeze in sometimes to see my goddaughter (who made reference to me as ‘Aunty’ and Yeni as ‘Godma’). Ok, I must admit I didnt spend much time with her all these while. So am gonna do more of that (and also sneak her some goodies too). For sure but only for a short 30 mins, I reunite with my baby, Nam. Its either he is throwing a tantrum at me for not visiting him or he has forgotten his mommy :( Next trip, I’ll make it a day out at Sentosa for him.

Time is always too short whenever I am home. I only managed to catch a few good buddies for a quick drink before leaving to the airport.

What made this trip? The unique beauty of Kuala Lumpur, I must say. Apart from the very very high cost of living (In my mind, I am still living in Malaysia in 1999 when a bowl of wanton mee is only RM2.20), I must say KL has evolved to be a very wonderous city. Admist the hustle and bustle of a rapidly growing economy, there’s the warm and friendly inhabitants, buildings and likes of ultra modern, and standing still, spread out all over the city, still are the remains of the past. I had the taste of the mouth watering Jalan Alor’s Char Siu Fan, all set in a very old fashion and very messy old shophouse. It was nostalgic, the round marble table, the wooden stools, the trembling loud lunch chatters and occasional shouts of orders. Oh, how I have missed home!

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home
  • Yen Si says:

    Yeah definitely lots to talk about like peeing in the carpark and get no blanket sleeping on the side cos the one in the middle keep on kicking the blanket away!!

  • Ms Teh says:

    Hehe, did you find yourself in youtube yet?

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