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Reflection On Faith

So the past 3 days has been really draggy, only time that zoomed past was during my chanting hours.

And I realised, I had chanted with a lot of conviction. Just like I had written in last post. A lot. And a lot.

In the past, I was always afraid to make concrete prayers. Or concrete determinations. I sometimes chant with a slight doubt, which is more like a mere superstition where things I ask for, are how things turned out the opposite way. But of course, in the end, everything worked out well somehow. It was just about the unpeacefulness in the mind during chanting. Its like I didn’t trust my own self and judgements. Chanting with a lot of wariness. And causing weariness.

But yesterday and the day before and before, I had chanted with so strong convictions, even I  suprised myself.

That’s the way it should be. A small evolution in my little self amidst this big huhaa time.

I am loving chanting 😀

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