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No Cancer!

After 3 very slow ticking days, barely breathing normally, hardly any sleep and plenty of chanting, we finally got the results of the long awaited biopsy. No cancer! That’s the first victory and a very big relief!

The doctor said, everything is about timing. To me, good timing means in need of plenty good fortune.

So, as I shared before, the stubborn wound which wouldn’t heal has been really a blessing in disguise. That got him into the hospital, got him to meet the right doctor. This doctor has wisdom, quoting my mom :)

My dad has a very complicated problem. Therefore, the troubleshooting has to be very precise. To start with, when he got admitted, they discovered that he has high blood pressure, very high diabetes and almost non-functioning kidneys. Besides, there is also an unknown tumor near his spine (which concern us most).

The doctors had him put thru many many tests and discovered all these complications. They had to decide what is most critical to do first. Because doing one thing might complicate the other issues. With his compassion and wisdom, he decided first to insert some temporary tubes for the kidneys. To revive them so that my dad can be stronger to go thru the operation.

Then the plan was to do the operation to reconstruct the internal organs that was messed up by his cancer treatments 15 years ago, and at the same time remove the tumor to do the biopsy – to test whether the tumor is cancerous or not.

But there was a little disagreements between the doctors. There’s 3 of them – the surgeon, the oncology and the urology. From the xtrays, the surgeon foretold that the tumor is not cancerous but the oncology said the opposite. So the urology suggested that instead of immediately doing the operation, a biopsy should be performed on this tumor to find out whether is it cancerous. If its cancerous, there is no point performing the entire complicated operation as the patient will have little chance of survival as its a relapse case.

So that was our 3 very horrible days, waiting for the answer. Tick. Tick. Tick.

On the second day, we received some wrong messages from the nurse. It almost cost me a heart attack. But this morning, the diagnosis of tubercolosis was confirmed. Phew!

I read on the internet (power of google) that in many cases, both, the image of a cancerous tumor and a granuloma of TB can be easily mistaken on a scan. I believe this disagreement between the doctors was another blessing in disguise. For if they did not diagnose TB on my dad and went ahead with the operation, my dad will probably suffer from TB attack after the operation as his immune system will be too weak to fight the TB bacterias.

To make the story short, with the insertion of the tube, the doctors bought time to save the kidneys. So instead of performing an emergency operation, they will put my dad on medication to treat TB first. In about 2-4 weeks time, my dad will go in for that major operation. Then he should be stronger in his kidneys, in body (without risk of TB attack) and in mind. Also, with the medication to treat the TB, we hope that the tumor can dissolve itself and thus, improving his legs condition.

Kels gonna come back next week. Initially, I thought she should get a change of flight to be back just when he is going for the operations. But the change will cost a lot. After a short chat with my bro, I changed my mind. I think its another blessing in disguise, for her not to be able to change her flight. In fact, it will be more important for her to be back before the operation – to help to strengthen the faith and will power of my dad, instead of during the operation, just for the sake of logistic reasons. Because in the end, no one else but ourselves can will our own body to heal.

In the Gosho, Reply to Kyo’o: “Believe in this mandala with all your hear. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is like a roar of a lion, what sickness can be an obstacle?”.

Timing. Timing. Timing.

More time to chant too.

My dad say he’ll like to bury himself in snow (visting us during winter) and also do line dancing when he’s better. LOL.

Thanks to all who had sent their sincere prayers and wonderful encouragements to us!!!

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