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Back To Homeland

So many things to say, so little time but I am going home in the coming two days. I hope I’ll find sometime (and inspirations) there to make up for the lost time and lost posts. Believe me, so many things to say here!

But for now, all attention and all prayers to my dearest daddy who is in the hospital, finally agreeing to see a doctor and the timing is just apt (I hope!). Situation may seems very complicated but I am sure thru strong prayers and ichinen, we can win this over! I think he has suffered long enough with all the discomforts and perhaps that wound which wouldnt heal is a blessing in disguise. It is my deepest hope that he’ll be able to lead a normal and fulfilling life without the need to endure all those pain day in and day out.

Can you imagine having “semut semut” 24 hours every day???!!!

So I here I come back to homeland – Klang!

Please put a prayer for him too if you may. To Uncle Teh.

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