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The Bahamas

Though I must admit there is nothing much here except the breath-taking crystal-clear emerald-coloured sea. Bahamas is quite a small island with tourism as its main economy sustaining the country. The local currency is the Bahamian dollar but USD is accepted everywhere.

There is The Atlantis but I am not a big fan of super-sized man-made resorts. Though I went for a quick look just because they say that’s the one thing you gotta see if you are in Bahamas (kiasu-ism!). Well, nothing fancy to me except the Predator Tunnel which was a shorter and free version of our Under Water World in Singapore. I had my daily dose of Starbucks by the Marina Village, gawking at the rich and famous with their gorgeous boats. 2 hours is enough for all that.

But I’ve learnt to love this place of ever ready smiles and laid back lifestyle. People are so very friendly. So far, I’ve only been meeting only the nicest people. Even the taxi drivers. Ever ready and generous with information about their dear island and so far haven’t come across one who tries to overcharge me. And the humor! The bus drivers crack jokes every other minute.

Of course, not forgetting the happy tourists. Walk into a lift, you cannot pass without saying hello and how are you doing to anyone and everyone.

The other great thing is the FOOD. Go to Fish Fry. You can get tonnes of laid back fish restaurants. I’ve been having grouper and whole snappers every day. Grilled, fried, steamed – anyway you want it.

Here I also learn what is plantain – which is in fact, our ‘pisang goreng’. It is eaten alike substitute to potatoes, meaning you eat it as a side dish to your rice and fish/ meat. Took me a bit of time to get used to this as in Malaysia, ‘goreng pisang’ is our teatime snack or even dessert (served with ice cream). People gave me funny look when I told them that this is a type of snack/ dessert in my country. LOL.

The other yummy stuff and unique especially to the Bahamas is the conch. Its a type of large sea snails. The conch is usually minched and made into chowder or conch-fritters. Many helpful people tried to describe it to me. One said, “Its like Hermit The Crab, ya know”. Haha!

(Oops, totally forgot to take any picture of the food cuz too busy gobbling em up!)

I wanna be back to dive someday!

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