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Snow – by Orhan Pamuk

Finally, I finished this book. It was a rather difficult read for me. The twist of the words and plots. I had many troubles trying to absorb and understand what he is trying to really say. I think its either you like the book and breeze it thru, or you find it pain to continue reading…

The main character ‘Ka’, such a  poet he is, constantly drown in his inner thoughts and having difficulties living in almost surrealism.

And it does affect me. Especially spending many days now alone in solitude in beautiful Bahamas. I felt I am almost living in surrealism as well as I read on.

(I got a bit paranoia of the strangers around me)

So, it was kind of relieve to having finished the book finally. And moreover, finishing it at the final hours I am here.

2 more hours to go before boarding my plane.

Bye bye to paradise island!

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