I've got the sun in my eyes


Her Name Is Chocolate

I had one of the best night ever.

After dinner in one of the restaurant recommended by the concierge at Fish Fry (Big Ten – try the grill snapper with rice & bean, plantain and coleslaw… really really yummy-licious!), we were stopped by a lovely voice serenading the air. So, instead of looking for a taxi, we went looking for THAT voice.

And we found it. It belongs to Chocolate. My, that voice freeze your moments, captures your soul, shake your emotions!

It was an outdoor KARAOKE! Feels like home! Except for that the ‘karaoke bar’ is an open air bar with a ‘vending-karaoke-machine’.


See, what a gem! The dream machine. They kept flippin’ for the best song.  

So, there we were mesmerised. Stayed on one beer after another, one song after another. We couldn’t get enough. Soon, more and more people joined the roadside gang. We had the Jersey Girls, Boyz-To-Men, some odds one and even couple of very cute kids.


2 dollars each. How many dollars I spent? Viviane, the climber. She is lovely. 

Her name was Chocolate. (Just to remind you again!) A voice to die for. If you ever need a wedding singer, trust me, she’s worth to fly her out to anywhere to complete that dream wedding.

I had a brilliant idea to video the moment and share it thru youtube. Problem is, I forgot to shut my mouth so most the video clips had me singing louder than anyone else. I am sure you do not want to hear me out 😛

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