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Random Header Images

Finally, I made some concious improvement to my blog. Random header images. COol!

Keep refreshing to see the different pictures. Check it out!

(There’s only 5 rotating images so don’t spend 2 hours trying to make miracle happen)

Note: I thought I should give a little commentary on each pictures :)

The ‘Merry-Go-Round’ – I love how this shot captured the movement, I could almost feel the glee of happiness swinging up there. I dream of a life like that, care-free and swinging fun. Captured @ Walibi, Belgium.

My Pink Flowers – My dad gave me these flowers. So lovely! I dried them up and kept them for another 6 months. Captured @ Vilvoorde, Belgium

From Up Above – I took this picture on my way to Iceland. I love how the reflection of the setting sun on the ice pieces in the sea gave the golden glow. Captured @ On flight to Iceland

Beach – I could almost taste a Caipirinha! Captured @ Ipanema, Rio

Nam – I love his dreamy gazes. Ooh, I miss him so! (Can you spot the Ikea snake in the background?) Captured @ Redhill, Singapore

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