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Am I nomophobic?

I didnt think so. But this is the first place in all my travels, after all these years, ever since my very first mobile phone THAT I am not able to use my phone! (Ok, exceptionally Japan and Korea in the past)

Proximus has no roaming agreement in Bahamas. So no mobile coverage!

Can you imagine? :)

But it didnt freak me out. Cool, I thought, now no one can bother me. Back in my head, it did felt teeny weeny weird. Still, I could connect to the world thru msn. Wonders of the internet!

But now msn is down too!!!

Helppp!!! I am totally disconnected from the world now!!!

3 thoughts on “Nomophobic
  • Roddy says:

    Yep, and not only bahamas, that is also St-thomas,Dominica and Antigua ! Oh oooh !

    I remember I put Antigua once into service as a new Interco…Hmm I really sucked as a Voice Engineer mhwoahaha!

  • Ms Teh says:

    Oh oh, look who’s here! :)

  • Arnout says:

    Maybe it’s a sign.. get out and enjoy :)

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