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The Paradise Island


Literally, I am at the Paradise Island, though there is a real Paradise Island here in the Bahamas. I am at the capital city – Nassau. I am actually here for work but that’s for next week. I flew in over the weekend for a much needed time alone and this is the greatest place I could think of. Yea, talk about right time and right moment for a business trip!

The view from above has set up my excitement upon arrival. When I got out of the plane, the warm very moist air hit me. I got used to the dryness in Europe, but this feels like home! Then the Bahamian spirit suprised me. At the airport, a lively band playing while people are queueing up for custom clearance, smily people everywhere and a very very nice taxi driver who gave me a brief intro to beautiful Bahamas and quick verbal guide on how to get around. 1 dollar for a bus ride to downtown.

So, I checked in. Sheraton. King size bed. Sea View. Non-smoking.

Then off I went to wander about downtown. Its laid back, mostly touristic shops, beach wear, straw products, jewellery… This place is swamp by American tourists. Tonnes of them. Ok, I found out its only 40 mins flight from Florida. So, that explains!

Check out the clarity of the water! Apparently, I read somewhere, the water is so clear because there is no river flowing into the sea so its free of human or industrial waste.


After some real 1 hour exercise of walking and window-shopping, I hopped in to a seemly very touristly bar but well, the vibes of those happy tourists are so contagious that I am even having fun by myself. But of course, half way thru that magarita made a lot of difference. I even got a free shot from the bartender ** Grin.

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That’s me, from my balcony!


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