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Sex and the City

One of those low down days, someone suggested to me to watch a movie, just to get the mind off reality. Good idea! I’ve been trying to find the right time to watch it. And it couldn’t be a better day to watch it than then.

I love the movie. Just like how I love the series. The mix of glamour, fashion, love, humour (I laughed so loud! No inhibitions!!!) and also the friendships. It reminds me so much of my girls, the ties we share, memories gathered thru the years and I really miss them all so much! We are all so far apart now, spreading out all over the world but I already can’t wait for our next moments to meet again. (I hope it will be very soon!)

Also, apart from tickling my giggle button, the movie brought me many feelings and most of all, to keep believing in love. But it is not about finding love, but to love oneself and to love another.

I’ve had my own SNTC scene already playing in my mind – set in Sdyney, Creature and me, both dressed elegantly in our glittery frocks, sexy stilettos, strutting to a great night out, sharing that long missed conversation while sipping cocktails and occasionally fleeting flirty blinks of our lashes to that cute passerby.

Whadya say about that, Creature?

One thought on “Sex and the City
  • Creature says:

    I say hell yeahhhhh baby :)
    Theatre, rugby, cocktails, yacht…..bring it on!!

    U and me, that’s all I need!

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