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F1 Experience


For those who knew me well, may well know of my poor weak heart (“chicken guts”). So I did suprised myself when I signed up for this joyride with very little hesitation, but truely what convinced me was more the fact that this may be the only “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to do it (Kiasu-ism still prevails!). Nay, it was never for the sake of the adrenaline drive.

But well, it was thrilling! To go 270km/h on an official F1 circuit, piggy riding with a professional racer. Turned out, it wasnt as scary as I thought it would be, so much fun that I even went for a second round. Each time we did 2 rounds in a mock race with other bikers. My racerman manuvered the sharp corners skillfully, all time high speed – our knees almost scratching the tarmac. Ok I wasn’t so brave, I was holding on dearly to my racerman all-time for the fear of flying off my seat when he speeds up, (I wonder if at some point he was irritated by the suffocation hehe). I also had to anticipate the braking moments so that I don’t throw my racerman off his seat with my weight – and all time still trying to capture the beautiful surroundings and remembering the moment.

I was told that Spa Francorchamp @ Belgium is one of the most beautiful F1 circuit as it is built circling around a forest aplenty of nature in the surroundings.

Ah yeah, it was during a company event, we were just spoiling our customers. But lucky me to be there! :)

Don’t I look cool like a real biker babe?


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